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Ecological Lifestyle Products

VAN MOOSE is a new brand that aims to speak to your urban nature.

Van Moose products are…

100% recycling

Our felt range is made with eco-felt: a material with great properties gained from recycling plastic bottles. We just love to make a difference and make products for you, with the least impact on the environment.

Free of harmful substances

This material has been controlled negative for an amount of 138 substances on the SVHC (substances of very high concern) REACH list by an independent laboratory. All products are controlled again in our facilities in France to ensure the highest possible level of quality.

Range of 6 products

Our felt range consists of 6 different products: phone bag, tablet bag, laptop bag, notebook, small pouch and large pouch. We will constantly focus on innovation and your need to develop new products.

value for money

With Van Moose products we prove that eco-friendliness, style and value for money can be combined to create pretty cool lifestyle and high quality products. Our products are made of the highest quality to a fantastic price.

Online shopping

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